Video Premiere: Coattails “Sea Legs”

Director Kate Blasing pulls no punches in her video for Coattails’ sleazy blues rock single “Sea Legs.” What starts as a laid back day at the pool soon morphs into a skin crawling torture session, as Sara Houser and Carrie Bickley menacingly yield some gardening tools that also function as home castration devices and set about inflicting all kinds of pain on a shadowy man who, let’s not kid ourselves, almost certainly deserves it. Anton Plauche’s cinematography jumps back and forth between Swimming Pool lushness and Saw grime, leading to all kinds of sinful thoughts about the middle ground between pleasure and pain. There’s even a cameo by Austin hipster sex mag Peachfuzz. If “Sea Legs” doesn’t leave you feeling some kind of wobbly, I question your honesty.