Exclusive Video Premiere: Chicon “Time is a Killer”

Uber scenester Andy Ray Lemon dropped off a new video he directed for Chicon to Ovrld’s digital offices today and we’re pretty eager to share it with you. That is admittedly in part because we’re happy to run basically anything Andy touches but also because we love Chicon’s last album, Sin Ti. While that LP is mostly built on a solid frame of Cure nostalgia, “Time is a Killer” shows that Chicon are equally skilled at turning their musical sights towards a different ’80s UK act in the Jesus and Mary Chain. Chicon spice up the mix with some male-female dual vocals and busier drums but they nail the melodicism and feel of JAMC in a way so few diehard descendents of the brothers Reid manage. Lemon further deviates from the JAMC playbook by showing Chicon in their natural setting and attire, the film stock seemingly burned out by the vicious Austin sun, the gang performing in what looks like a dropped scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Austin loveletter Deathproof. So, check it out and find out for yourselves why we continue to let Andy Ray Lemon be our #1 video gentleman caller.