Exclusive Video Premiere: Brainwavve “Blue Sky Infinite Pt. 2” ft. Joseph Maniscalco

One of the things we love most about what we do here at Ovrld is watching young artists develop, experimenting with their sound and refining it endlessly until they develop a distinct personality. Beginning with his days as Artificial Earth MachineBenjamin Crowley has dedicated himself to tinkering with his music, never resting on his laurels, and his current work as Brainwavve shows how well that work is paying off, as he consistently releases some of the most refreshing work in Austin’s remarkable electronic scene.

Today we’re bringing you further evidence of that with the premiere of “Blue Sky Infinite Pt. 2” and its verdant video. “Blue Sky Infinite Pt. 2” is the first track off of Brainwavve’s upcoming album Affection, and it indicates that Brainwavve will be leaning into pastoral electronica, with lush plucked strings accompanying ambient synth textures and post-rock guitar and bass (the latter courtesy of Joseph Maniscalco in this case). The video, directed by Crowley and his wife Kaelin, drives home the natural majesty of the track, featuring a kaleidoscopic array of woodsy imagery and glitchy imagery. Take a peek for yourself and get hypnotized: