Exclusive Video Premiere: Brainwavve “Futuresoon ft. Black Davinciii”

Brainwavve’s name gets taken literally in the Butcher Bear directed clip “Futuresoon,” where a spectral brain hovers amidst a wave of glitchy VHS effects (designed by Brainwavve himself) and psychedelic colors. Featuring Black Davinciii, “Futuresoon” is mesmerizing even without the visuals, as warm keys and chirpy synth effects bubble up throughout the mix before Davinciii emerges, asking “Oh, you’re scared of the future?/Scared of computers?/Students are scared of the shooter.” It’s a bit like the future decided to send us a warning not with a cyborg supersoldier but with electro-rap. Take a look for yourself below and then pick up Brainwavve’s Futuresoon LP on (iN)sect Records when it drops tomorrow, February 7th at Exploded Drawing #48 at the Austin School of Film!