Exclusive Track Premiere: Brainwavve “Detoxa”

Sensual space music craftsman Artificial Earth Machine has rebranded himself Brainwavve and we’re all for it; his new musical direction is more intellectual and structured than what he had been doing with AEM. Take “Detoxa,” from his upcoming LP Surface, a track Mr. Wavve tells us is about “detoxing from using electronics in excess.” Lindred‘s lush, vivid melodies and gentle lyrics rise up as beautiful organic intrusions amidst the clattering electronic drums and disruptive synths. The song recalls mid-2000’s Bjork but with a more antagonistic edge to it, Lindred’s fight to emerge from Brainwavve’s layers and layers of machines functioning as a perfect illustration of the song’s themes. Surface will be out sometime this fall, but in the meantime enjoy “Detoxa”