Borrisokane Exclusive Video Premiere

Today we have the pleasure of exclusively premiering the music video for Borrisokane’s new single, “A.F.E.” Enjoy that above, and enjoy a review of their full EP below, thanks to Audrey Rodriguez.

I’m not sure if Amelia Earhart ever flew over Hawaii in her ventures of exploration and pioneering, but the members of Borrisokane (pronounced BORE – RISS – OH – KANE) definitely visit Luau Proper on their opening track “Amelia Fucking Earhart” off their new EP Murdering Teeth. While Earhart sought a ride on the wings of equality, Borrisokane’s latest artistry glides on the waves of bizarre-bazaar song-titles and 80s fluro-crafted sounds, bouncing between an array of traditional surf rock riffs (think The Chantay’s “Pipeline”) and synth-pop jewels. Members Derek Asuan-O’Brien, Josh Denslow, Rebecca Asuan-O’Brien, Ryker Brown, and Mars Wright (aka solo act Honey Son) micro-blend a cosmos of original tunes like pixie dust on vintage.

Sung by Rebecca Asuan-O’Brien, “Amelia Fucking Earhart” unintentionally leaves you strewn over a bed of guilt about Earhart’s tragic fate but then enters, “Victoria, Please.” It gives way to unrequited romance, suggesting, “Lips that hesitate/Hips that shimmy shake/And I’ll just hold my breath/Until I get my way.” However, instead of cue cards and a boombox ergo director Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything with a baby-faced John Cusack, singer Derek Asuan-O’Brien seduces the lyrics with brooding glam rock fashion; David Bowie’s “As The World Falls Down” on the Labyrinth soundtrack comes to mind. Borrisokane does it a little sweeter.

“Thank You For Being So Nice And Crazy” begins with a nice drum stick dribble which drowns into manic midday lamentations about “the birds [being] fucking lazy,” seemingly about the tattered impressions of a failed relationship stripped down to the repetitious question, “We went fucking crazy, don’t you think so?” As the only instrumental track of the EP, “Single Moms” steals the hearts of every mother on Mother’s Day with minimal chanting vocals, posing as an interlude of sorts which could work just as well on a full-length album. “Indoor Outdoor Paleontologist Blues” is a nostalgic track with hushed and soaring vocals, eerily epic with clashing timpani, melancholy guitar, and gentle rabbit-hooved piano. At 7:33, this track plays with an inner chaos, capturing the beauty and sadness of a trash-yard garden, dingy with gloom but never masking the undeniable bloomage beneath.

Presented by Eye in the Sky Collective, OVRLD, RAW PAW, and MissMatch, Borrisokane plays their Murdering Teeth EP Release Party Friday, May 17th at The Scottish Rite Theater along with Black Books (heading off for their UK tour), Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and Tiger Waves, with special guest performances by members of Growl, Schmillion, and Knifight. Visit the event page!

– Audrey Rodriguez