Exclusive Video Premiere: BLXPLTN “Blood on the Sand”

If anyone knows what it will take to fight back in 2017, it’s rebel electro-punk band BLXPLTN. The group has fought against the stifling homogenity of Austin’s punk scene since their inception, making fearless rage politic in a city that refuses to acknowledge its liberal entitlement (perhaps you’d like to do your part to slightly combat that by voting for the band in the Austin Music Awards?). Marty Robbins’ new video for the band’s single “Blood on the Sand” forces the viewer to become one with the state machine, looking through a drone’s perspective, viewing the band and their ideas as glitchy targets to hunt and down and eradicate. The message is that we are all complicit in the crimes of our country and we will never prevail unless we accept this and take action. The video is simple and cathartic, emphasizing the energy and aggression of the core duo without resorting to any preachy grandstanding but it also doesn’t let anyone off the hook. There is a war coming in America, this is your soundtrack.