Exclusive Video Premiere: Big Bill “Last Meal”

Leave it to Big Bill to find a way to put the “cute” in execution. Austin’s preeminent weirdo rockers team up with Stretch Panic’s MJ Haha to bring one of their most bizarre visions to life in “Last Meal,” a twangy cowpunk song about a deranged monster rattling off all the things he’s eager to consume before he shuffles off this mortal coil. Haha’s cut up collage style is a perfect fit for the list of demands, which includes items like “a chicken pot pie with the chicken still alive” and “barbeque sauce in a big horse trough,” all cheerfully animated as they appear in front of the dead man walking– or more accurately, the dead slime monster oozing. Both the track and Haha’s visuals recall the ’80s output of The Cramps, who found some minor success as late night MTV regulars corrupting the minds and bodies of latchkey kids, but with the nasally theatrical vibe of both Pee Wee Herman and Jonathan Richman. Check the freaky clip out for yourself below and then catch Big Bill at Electric Church on Friday, June 1st for their tour kick off with Pollen RX, Caroline Says and Being Dead!