Exclusive Video Premiere: Ben Millburn and Sunglass Moustache “ABCD”

Ben Millburn & Sunglass Moustache recently popped by Ice Cream Factory Studios to do some live recordings. Small Batch Productions was there filming the whole thing and Ben asked if we might be interested in sharing the results with you. Beginning with its krautrock intro, Millburn’s “ABCD” is a groove-oriented serpentine track that explores a number of the band’s eclectic influences, from psych guitars to Frames-like anthemic rock. Millburn has put together quite the tight band and the way they weave themselves together while still framing their individual strengths is remarkable. But you can see that for yourself in the video, and then in person next Friday, May 19th at Sidewinder for Girling’s EP release party, also featuring A. Sinclair.