Exclusive Video Premiere: Ben Buck “Spirits”

Beatboxing wunderkind Ben Buck has been tearing up Austin stages for years, popping up alongside everyone from Ghostface Killah to Bushwick Bill and with his recent slate of releases, he seems fully ready to make himself the main attraction. Case in point: “Spirits,” a heavy hitting track produced by Flobama that brings some of that Ghostface ruggedness and energy while also showcasing Buck’s oral percussion skills in force. On tape, the track is incendiary, proving Buck’s talents aren’t limited to being a human beat machine, he’s got an impeccable flow to match. So how do you bring that to life for a music video?

You enlist Wyatt Ell and make Buck a walking tour-de-force, icons both cartoonish and real appearing in the sky behind him as he spits at the camera before shifting to puckish clips of Buck and his cohorts on their Breaking Even Tour from earlier this year, which took them to parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, North Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota. Imaginative yet grounded, “Spirits” is a perfect representation of the old school passion and knowledge Buck brings to everything he does, so check it out below and catch him at Electric Church tomorrow, October 18th or Flamingo Cantina on Tuesday, October 29th: