Exclusive Premiere: Bateau “Machine Gun (ft. Kyle Hubbard)”

We’ve been consistently impressed by the music videos coming out of Austin this year, but we’re especially excited to share Bateau’s new clip for her ominous single “Machine Gun.” Constructed by Boston transplants Jane Urban and Ryan Dight (who have done video work for Ovrld before, so we can personally attest to their skills), “Machine Gun” is a spiritual successor to¬†True Detective’s abstract title sequences, projecting silhouettes of Bateau and her guest Kyle Hubbard over artfully laid out shots of Austin expansion in action. “Machine Gun” comes from Bateau’s self-titled debut for local label Black Market Pluto, and is perhaps the most menacing track on the collection, with Hubbard’s jagged flow pairing well with the spine tingling, atonal beat from Hades. Keep an ear out for future collaborations from Bateau and Kyle Hubbard as Bateau preps her follow-up for early next year.