Video Premiere: Aux Cutter “Keep It Live”

Like a grimier Run the Jewels, Austin’s Aux Cutter, comprised of Ben Buck, Nate thee Great and Shadowboxin, operate at the intersection of cheeky and intense, delivering verses that flow between wink and a nod banter and outright menace, all over nightmarishly melodic doom-laden beats– it’s not for nothing that Nate confidently states the group’s producer “is a genius/Just like GZA.” For the group’s “Keep It Live” video, director Jonathan K Horstmann (of the band Urban Heat, in which Kevin Naquin aka Shadowboxin also plays) leans into the stylistic fusions of the trio by dropping them into a psychedelic space, like Andy Warhol staging the Exploding Plastic Inevitable in the ’90s. I’ve heard there’s even a secret version of the video that drops all the verses down to DJ Screw levels of chopped and screwed, to heighten the hallucinogenic effect. But for now, dive in to the theatrical cut:

You can also catch Aux Cutter at this year’s SXSW, including on Ovrld’s own showcase at Central Machine Works on Saturday March 12th, here are the rest of the group’s appearances: