Exclusive Premiere: Artificial Earth Machine’s V2PX

Artificial Earth Machine

Recently we received a mysterious electronic missive from the digital consciousness that is the Artificial Earth Machine. AEM wanted to know if we would premiere a track from its upcoming new album Biosphere Simulator, and it went on to explain that the track in question, “V2PX,” is “about essentially becoming an extension of your computer, body parts separating into another accessory of the machine.” Fearing AEM had such a fate in mind for us, we consented but asked what the significance of that seemingly random stream of letters and numbers was. Apparently the name V2PX is in reference to “the first polymorphic virus ever written,” which coincidentally came into being at the same time AEM’s host body did, in 1989. Except instead of making glitchy, ambient leaning electronic music, V2PX’s was to help us discover why anti-virus scanners may fail to recognize different strains of viruses. Get aurally hip to “V2PX” below before the Artificial Earth Machine turns you into an extension of itself: