Exclusive Video Premiere: Amy Rosalyn “Precipice”

Some voices have such natural beauty and splendor to them you just want to hear them unrestrained and unburdened by dense instrumentation. Amy Rosalyn possesses one of those voices. Rich, airy and emotionally invigorating, Rosalyn’s voice effortlessly commands attention whether it’s at a whisper or soaring, as her single “Precipice” wonderfully illustrates, mostly restricting itself to gently picked acoustic guitar and reverb drenched single note piano lines for accompaniment to better emphasize Rosalyn’s enchanting performance, eventually building to a cascade of martial percussion and gentle chimes. And Bartosuerte‘s new video frames the splendor of the song and Rosalyn’s voice with heart achingly beautiful footage of natural scenery from Oregon, shot via drone to make it feel like you’re immersed in the wilderness right alongside Rosalyn. Take a look for yourself, then catch Amy Rosalyn on Friday, September 15th at Radio Coffee and Beer for her album release show!