Exclusive Video Premiere: Alma Roxx “Mirrir”

We’ve all had bad breakups. But how many of us can say we’ve had a breakup bad enough we had to resort to opening up a hellgate to unleash our own doppelganger to escape it? That’s the central conceit of Alma Roxx’s “Mirrir” video as directed by JJ Pollack with glammed up satanic charm. Roxx’s moody electro-rock is a perfect canvas for demonic melodrama and Pollack gleefully provides a visual aesthetic straddling both the worlds of Evil Dead  and It Follows. It’s enough to make you hope Netflix comes a callin’ and Pollack and Alma Roxx give us the queer witched up answer to Stranger Things the world so desperately needs. Until then, you’ll have to survive on “Mirrir” and Alma Roxx’s upcoming release Doesn’t Matter, Everyone Sees You, due out on September 17th via Bandcamp (be sure to throw Roxx an IG follow while you’re at it).