paperthreat: “Vintage Walls” and “Conveyor”

Today, I want to share some music with you from one of Austin’s hottest up-and-coming bands: paperthreat. Their buzz has steadily been growing over the last several months, culminating in airplay on both 90.5 KUT and 91.7 KOOP in the last week. In hopes of keeping the good vibes going for this awesome band, here’s some of their music to get you hooked.

The band features: Rene Rodriguez, Garry (whose last name I can’t find anywhere), Arius Holifield, and Niko Bakulich. They’ve only been writing as a band since August 2009, though Rene and Garry are at least 10-year veterans of the Austin scene, having been in bands like Liquid Stereo Project and Humble Bums. They all play at least three different instruments, and both Arius and Niko share lead vocal duties.

Paperthreat - Vintage Walls
Paperthreat - Conveyor

I first saw them opening for the Scabs on December 30th at Antone’s and was immediately struck by their sound – even though it didn’t quite match the crowd’s expectations. Many factors contribute to a smooth, silky feel for their music, including Arius’ classic voice and the deft combination of live horns with electronic programming. Of course, none of it would work if the songs weren’t fantastic. Single “Vintage Walls” sounded right at home on the radio with its circular melody and laid-back beat.

You can check them out live next on Thursday, March 3rd at ND at 501 Studios, and we’ll keep you posted about their first full-length release, due out in the next couple of months.