The Zoltars Should I Try Once More

After a few years of playing together, The Zoltars have released their debut LP titled Should I Try Once More? through Sundae Records. The album tells the story of a man falling in love, falling out of love and searching for companionship. This concept provides a deep and emotional layer for the simple lo-fi tunes. On the album, you’ll hear somewhat monotonic vocals, jangling guitar chords and driving percussion. The Zoltars often explore repetition in their songs and constrain the music to a minimal number of chords. These elements contribute to the themes of the songs which are mostly melancholic.

The unyielding drums and vocals are trance-inspiring and are the main elements that bring up a Velvet Underground point of reference for me. Due to the repetition throughout the album, some of the songs flowed together for me. However, two songs stuck out as greatly unique. These are the title track and “Once Upon a Midnight Ride” which is track 9 of 10. “Should I Try Once More” opens with a howling guitar riff that the drums and bass follow throughout the song. In this song, the protagonist of the album asks himself whether he should even try to find love any more – told through evocative lyrics. Check out the song below set to 1 of the 10 music videos that accompany each of the album’s songs.

“Once Upon a Midnight Ride” sounds like a twisted 50s ballad. The reverby guitar riff is reminiscent of the chord walking riffs that were typically backed by doo wop in the 50s. The mix of psychedelic lyrics and 50s balladry stood out to me as unique and intriguing.

Throughout the album, emotive gems of lines are weaved into the lyrics and tell the story of a tortured lover vividly. On “If It Were Up To Me” an especially evocative couple of lines display The Zoltars’ lyrical prowess.

When I see your face and I’m in a different place
And I feel like I’m exploding and I finally care about something

Listen up for evocative lyrics like this throughout the 10 tracks. Additionally, psychedelic lyrics flow throughout the songs as well. On “Once Upon a Midnight Ride” we hear:

And then I saw the trees were staring back at me
We walked out of the car the stars were beaming down their thoughts

These lyrics paint a vivid picture of the story’s setting and help provide a backdrop to the album’s overall narrative.

I definitely recommend giving this album a listen. The songs are hypnotic and the concept and story are engaging. You can find Should I Try Once More? on Bandcamp, on the Sundae Records site and potentially in record stores near you. The Zoltars had quite a few shows around town during SXSW, but have now started their east coast tour. They’ll be hitting Nashville, Philadelphia NYC and Chicago before they head back home. We’ll keep you updated on any upcoming shows.

– Dan