The Midgetmen Loud Enough Review

The Midgetmen have been rocking in the ATX for about 9 years and have quite a few Austin Music Awards and Statesmen A-List Awards to show for it. But I’m an Austin transplant, so these local heros were completely new to me. The Midgetmen just released their fourth album, Loud Enough, which is available on iTunes or on their website. This album sounds like a combination of moments off of Weezer’s Blue Album mixed with a healthy dose of Dinosaur Jr. and Husker Du. Anthemic, riff-heavy, thundering and aggressive, this album grabbed me and didn’t let me go until the last track.

Loud Enough opens with “Beer’s Gone” a track that mixes solid drumming, a catchy chorus and a shitload of guitar riffs. You can definitely tell these guys have been playing together for a while. Through all the pace changes and layered riffs they keep the momentum pumping.

My favorite track off the album is “King Kong.” It’s reminiscent of a Television song. With a melodic guitar line, pulsing bass and even a little saxophone, this song really pulled me in. Check it out for yourself below.

The Midgetmen - King Kong

Other highlights off the album include: “Swordfight”-a Ramones/Runaways-esque classic punk track, and “Race to the Bottom”-a track where I could really hear the Dinosaur Jr. influence.

The Midgetmen are having a 9 year anniversorry and CD release party with La Snacks and San Saba County Friday May 20th at the Mohawk. But if you can’t wait that long they’re playing a show tonight at Emo’s opening for Titus Andronicus. Come prepared for some powerful tunes.