Sphynx Pre Wild

Sphynx, the three man group on a party jam tear, have released a new EP, titled Pre-Wild, which is chock full of electro-rock anthems. The group first reached acclaim through the release of their lead single “Razberry Wine” and their debut 7-track EP Human Beast. Human Beast definitley made an impression on us and we put it up at number 10 on our list of top 25 Austin EPs of 2011. Since their debut, the group has released a couple singles and a mixtape which have all built upon their original popularity. The group’s sound has been likened to MGMT, Passion Pit, Phoenix and also Prince. I think that the Prince comparison is spot on and highlights the grandiosity of Sphynx’s songs and the excellent pop guitar work that lead axe-man Aaron Miller throws down. At their shows, you’ll see animal-print spandex, hear guitar solos played by tooth and witness other over-the-top antics. All of these match the scale of their pop anthems and heighten the live Sphynx experience. With Pre Wild, Sphynx have again demonstrated their ability to craft catchy dance songs and cemented their position as one of the best pop acts coming out of Austin right now.

Pre Wild consists of 3 songs: “Terathon,” “Sha Dynasty” and “Orbs”. Both “Orbs” and “Sha Dynasty” were released as singles prior to the EP but all the songs on the EP are strong enough to stand out on their own. With “Terathon,” Sphynx bring out the vocoder and hand clap samples to start off the EP on a synth-heavy high. Also on this track, is a wicked call and response guitar solo and a fast-paced saxophone solo. On both “Terathon” and “Sha Dynasty,” Sphynx bring out the saxophone for solos that add a throwback vibe to the tunes. Check out “Terathon” below and listen up for the solos toward the end of song.

After “Terathon,” Sphynx turn up the guitar for “Sha Dynasty” my favorite track on the EP and one of the best party songs to come out of Austin in recent history. Featured on “Sha Dynasty” is the masterful pop guitar work of Aaron Miller, falsetto vocals and punching bass lines. If you haven’t heard the song yet check out Sphynx’s dynamic video for “Sha Dynasty” here. The band closes out Pre Wild with “Orbs”, a song that keeps the momentum going with a hopping synth lead and a soaring chorus.

Pre Wild can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes now. The band is currently working on an LP that is set to release soon. We’ll keep you posted on news and a release date for this LP as we get info. Also, Sphynx will be playing at the Mohawk TONIGHT with Tilly and the Wall. A small number of the Japanese version of Human Beast will be for sale at the show too. Doors at 8pm. Tickets $12 advance, $14 at door. I definitely encourage y’all to put your dancing shoes on and check out Sphynx live tonight. Their show is really not to be missed.