Sleep Good Monsanto

Today a new 7″ by the dream pop quartet Sleep Good is out. Titled Monsanto, the 7″ features two summer anthems that remind me of all the great things about the season and also somewhat mute the negative aspects of these hotter months. Monsanto consists of “Summer Explosion” and “King Yirgou” which both highlight Sleep Good’s melodic talents and tasty analog sound. Although my favorite off the 7″ is “Summer Explosion,” both songs have secured spots on my summer playlist. I’m digging the bouncy bass lines and melodic guitar work on “Summer Explosion.” But the piano key tickling and layered vocals on “King Yirgou” also make for a great tune. With the all-analog sound and somewhat retro production, Sleep Good inspires comparisons to the pop stars of yesteryear including The Beach Boys, The Zombies and other British Invasion era bands. Check out “Summer Explosion” below to hear what I’m talking about.

To launch the release of Monsanto, Pau Wau Records is putting on a boat party on Lake Travis which will feature Sleep Good, Marmalakes and La Migra. Tickets have been sold out for a while now, but maybe you could sidle up somewhat near the boat and hear the tunes? Pau Wau has released some of the best music coming out of Austin on vinyl. Recent releases include: Cartright’s Jass Song 7″ and The Ghost Wolves’ In Ya Neck. Keep an eye out for future Pau Wau releases they’ve got great taste and most everything they put out is great stuff.

To listen to the full Monsato 7″ head over to Sleep Good’s Bandcamp page. And to check out some other releases by Pau Wau Records take a listen to their compilation, put out earlier this year, here.