Shortwave Party – Where to Begin 7″


And so inevitably we begin playing catch up on 2012. The proliferation of year-end lists from a variety of sources clued us in to many of the outstanding local acts that we missed last year and on whom we will be trying to offer opinions shortly. But Free Week has also been a great reminder of the immensely overwhelming amount of talent with which we still remain unacquainted. And what better place to begin than with Where to Begin, from local jangle-rockers Shortwave Party?

After reading through a few of the reviews that are out there on Shortwave Party, I think the most apt description for them would be Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine fronting the Walkmen. Like the Walkmen, Shortwave Party are able to back their jangle with an appropriate amount of rock. There’s energy even in a slower number like “Hopeless.” What gives Shortwave Party the potential to stand out from the pack a bit more is the voice of frontwoman Shelby DuPerier. It’s a powerful and subtly nuanced voice that can belt out the emotional power of the ballad “Hopeless” while rocking out on a more upbeat number like “Where to Begin.”

Shortwave Party - 'Hopeless'

When I think about local artists that you could compare Shortwave Party to, I think about Literature or Shivery Shakes, who have both demonstrated an ability to take dirty garage rock into more melodic places. There’s also some of Belaire in here when you consider the strong, rocking female frontwoman elements.

Shortwave Party certainly have the potential to become an important member of the ever-growing garage rock movement here in Austin, and their upcoming LP will go a long way toward showcasing those talents in even more depth. In the meantime, check out their fantastic Free Week show this Thursday night at Hotel Vegas with Major Major Major, Migrant Kids, and Borrisokane.

– Carter