Once Per Axis EP

Once Per Axis are a newer band consisting of Pierce Saxon, Jack Pearl and Jordan Cook playing folk rock with an expansive sound. Their debut release, a self-titled EP, was put out back at the end of December and it initially struck me as impressive. What first stood out to me was the level of craftsmanship on this album. I’ve heard quite a few debut EPs that sound like they were recorded on a Talkboy, but Once Per Axis have really put out a quality recording that is definitely soothing to ears that are still recovering from some of the louder South By sets.

Citing influences from Neil Young, Jim James and Marco Benevento, Once Per Axis are reverb-infused folk a la Fleet Foxes, but with a little more rock and a little less crooning. On “The Devil and The Deep Red Letter,” the lead vocals sound Chris Martin-esque at the start and are backed by rich organ tones and sparse beats. As the song crescendoes violin, piano and guitar are brought into the mix making for a soaring climb.

‘The Devil and The Deep Red Letter’ - Once Per Axis

Other EP highlights include the violin melodies interweaved throughout the album and the danceable closing at the end of the second track “Stranger.” Altogether, Once Per Axis’ self-titled EP is a solid release that gives us a peek of what’s to come for this burgeoning folk force.

I’m really excited to see what’s next for Once Per Axis. I could see these guys becoming fixtures of the already bustling folk scene here in Austin and breaking out beyond our locale too. With their penchant for quality studio tracks and impactful songs taking on interesting themes, it won’t be long before these guys get even more attention. I don’t see any shows coming up for them soon but if you’ve got some insider info, let us know in the comments.