Moving Castles

I’ve started paying closer attention to the so-called Twittersphere recently. I’m not usually connected to it, but we were recently between social media gurus here at ovrld and I was manning the Twitter feed for a while. People give it a lot of shit for being a forum for people to express the mundanity of their daily lives, but there is a lot of cool, helpful information on there. For example, I saw two different people (at least one of them was Quiet Company) tweet about this new Austin band who was dropping an EP last week, and I decided to check it out. From the opening drum rolls, I was totally hooked. I’ve probably played Moving Castles’ debut EP at least a dozen times by now – at first on their bandcamp site and then finally on my iTunes.

Moving Castles - Heroin

Twin Daggers is a five-song EP jam-packed with pop-rock goodness. This is bouncy, accessible rock music filled with hooks that can easily latch onto your brain without letting go. The above “Heroin” is the clearest example of this, wherein singer John Eric laments to a friend, “Every time I see you, you try to sell me heroin.” While I might suggest Eric reconsider some of his personal associations, the song is easily the best heroin-related track since the Dandy Warhols’ 1997 classic, “Not if You Were the Last Junkie on Earth”. The song concludes in a round of overlapping “yeah”s and “heroin”s, and leaves me feeling a bit of nostalgia for Nineties rock. Over the course of the album, Moving Castles recall bits of No Doubt, Save Ferris, Goldfinger, Harvey Danger, basically any fun, upbeat 90s acts, as filtered through the indie rock of the last decade. Eric also cites Saves the Day and Motion City Soundtrack as influences, and those might be the bands I hear in their sound that I hadn’t quite been able to put my finger on (give a shout-out to MCS’s “Everything is Alright” – totally underrated track). Also check out “Warhol” as another album highlight, but honestly, the whole thing is full of promise.

Eric is a member of Knifight, another Austin band we’ve shown a lot of love to recently, and has continued making hot music with Moving Castles. I can’t wait to catch them live, but in the meantime, head to their bandcamp to get ahold of Twin Daggers.

– Carter