Hello Caller’s EP

Coming down from the haze of ACL, I started reminiscing about all of the bands I saw and how many bands I’ll probably never get the chance to see again. One of those bands, will probably be Broken Social Scene who are going on indefinite hiatus. This band of Canadians has brought us such gems as You Forgot it in People and Feel Good Lost. But similar to how there is hope in the sound of a crying baby at a funeral, there is always a demo that coincides with an indefinite hiatus.

In my inbox, I recently received Hello Caller’s demo ep and was enchanted by the indie folk contained within. One part dark songwriter a la Elliot Smith, one part folk a la early Sufjan Stevens, combine into the amalgam that is Hello Caller. Based in the songwriter style, these songs are filled out with xylphone, cello and brushed percussion pieces. I was drawn to the first track “We Caught Fire” and its picture-painting lyrics that depict a melancholic looting scene. Another demo highlight is “Fits the Crime.” Which features melodic xylophone and ever since I saw Katrina Kerns perform on the bars, I have been privy to this melodic percussion instrument.

Check out their whole demo here. I am excited to see what these guys come out with next. Their LP is slated for later this year, we’ll try and get you all a sample of what’s to come.