Ghostbunny – Ghostbunny EP


It’s hard for me not to compare Ghostbunny’s new EP with the latest release from Growl. Both EPs see a quirky indie rock band dramatically improving the sound quality of its recordings, and infusing its rock music with a heavy jolt of 90s guitarism (perhaps taking a cue from Wavves’ 2013 album?). Ultimately, though, I think the comparison is unfair. Growl’s music pops out of the speaker with its bright, shiny melodies and irresistible guitar crunch. Ghostbunny is trying to be a darker affair.

Ghostbunny first hit my ears in 2011 with their initial EP (also self-titled), which featured a bunch of dark, bluesy, catchy indie rock numbers. Comparatively, this new record (released on February 6th), leaps from the speakers. The opening riff on “Love Shivers” crashes in like the wall of guitars on early Smashing Pumpkins records, but invokes an earnestness that Billy Corgan still couldn’t muster. Singer Nick Hanson maintains a collected coolness in his delivery while the chords branch out from grunge-y power chords to suggest some unironic emotion in the track.

It’s not a number that showcases the “dark disco” descriptor that they use in their band bio, however. That doesn’t arrive until the second track, “Hey Hipster,” which has the feel of one of the funkier Arctic Monkeys tracks, successfully balancing rock power and funky grooves in the way that the band advertises. “Don’t you dare compare me to the people you know,” warns Hanson in a sincere but non-threatening manner, leaving me leery about dropping names like “Arctic Monkeys” and “Smashing Pumpkins,” but he sounds like I could take him in a fight, and I mean the reference points in a complimentary, so I’m going to go ahead and risk it.

The remaining three songs on the EP leave the funk behind but deliver serviceable indie rock. Ghostbunny perform each song as if it is an anthem for the ages, and even when the songs themselves aren’t fantastic, the group’s genuine passion and energy elevates the tracks. Ghostbunny – the 2014 edition – feels like a reboot, leaving behind the grime of their early EP (in all of the good and bad ways) and forging a new path. I wish they had a bit more of the dance aspect that they seem to strive for, but they are a band still developing their sound and they’ve left us with at least a couple of gems on Ghostbunny. Plus they have one of the better band names in town and sick logo.

We’ll keep you posted on their upcoming shows on our forthcoming calendar feature. Stay tuned!

– Carter Delloro