Ghostbunny: Fuzzy, Bouncy Garage Rock

Did you get the bunny references in the article’s title? Those two words – “fuzzy” and “bouncy” – are probably the only two adjectives that Ghostbunny has in common with actual bunnies. The band is a lot harder and heavier than their phantom namesakes. I listened to their new self-titled EP all day yesterday, and had a number of different reference points pop into my head. “Get Your Gun” is dirty like a Stooges cut…until you get to around the 55-second mark and they present you with soft “aahh” backing vocals and a sweet, clean lead guitar. “Girl Like You” has the same kind of midtempo groove as Edwyn Collins’ 90s hit by the same name, until the chorus kicks the intensity up a notch. “Sexual Addiction” has a sick melody mirrored by the bass and guitar that gives a bluesy feel…but for some reason also conjures up a harder version of Tom Petty for me. I can’t really explain that one.

Ghostbunny - Tell Me Your Secret (Girl You Know I'll Keep It Too)

Lead track “Tell Me Your Secret” is the closest thing the band has to a more direct contemporary sound. The lyrics have the levity of Black Kids, while the guitars take on a lighter feel that is at once familiar and welcome. It’s catchy and upbeat, and invites you to stick with this band. Bassist Morgan Johnson told me that Ghostbunny is trying to make rock music that their audience can dance to, and I think they’re accomplishing that so far. This is a band that has a lot of growing and developing left ahead of them, but I already like where they are. It’ll be exciting to see what happens next. You can hear their whole EP on their website, and we’ll keep you informed about their upcoming shows. Like us on Facebook to get those updates!