Empire Machines EP

Empire Machines started back in 2009 right here in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. One of the unique aspects of Empire Machines is the fact that they’ve mainly focused all of their energy into recording in the studio. With all the different venues and multiple music fests available, surely they could have booked a heap of gigs. But after listening to the debut 6 track EP, I would definitely say that all the time in the studio paid off. The self-titled EP is pristinely recorded and perfectly performed.

Empire Machines with their debut EP have put out 6 very different songs. Fans of newer Modest Mouse, Radiohead and Muse will all find something they like in the EP. From a completely instrumental synth heavy track (Panda Thief) to a poppy indie rock jam (Sweet Teeth), taken out of context, these songs could sound like they were put out by completely different bands. Yet, on the EP, thanks to some skillful ordering, the songs seem to flow together quite well. While I was listening to the EP, I couldn’t help but think of Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga. Similar to Ga Ga Ga Ga, Empire Machines’ EP flows from experimental sounds to classic pop rock structure and beyond from track to track.

My favorite songs off the EP are “Never Enough” and “Burning Ties.” On these two tracks, the opening and closing songs of the EP, Empire Machines take their sound down a more sinister path. On “Never Enough” deep organ tones, transient reverby guitar licks and an excellent drum fill, all establish a darker tone that left me wanting to go down the depths with Empire Machines. On “Burning Ties,” Empire Machines again incorporate some really strong drum parts layered with wispy guitar licks that build up to the final exhilarating crescendo of the EP.

Empire Machines - Never Enough

Empire Machines have put together a solid collection of songs that demonstrate their expansive breadth and their recording talent. Currently, the group is gearing up to start touring. I’m definitely excited to hear how these tunes are fleshed out live. We’ll keep you updated on any upcoming show dates. To hear Empire Machines’ debut EP go to their Bandcamp page where it is available to stream and download for free. Go give it a listen and let us know which tracks you’re digging the most in the comments.

– Dan