Driver Friendly Bury A Dream

I love writing for a local Austin music blog. It has made me fall in love with a city that has so much to offer, especially when it comes to music. This huge selection has pushed the boundaries of my musical preferences and made me more open to genres and bands I never thought I’d like. When I see how hard these bands work to put out unique material and get noticed (especially in the flooded Austin music market), the interesting songs and little intricacies slowly start to grow on me.

Then there are the bands that I love right off the bat with no break-in period necessary. They’re different enough to keep me interested, but come with a familiar, likable sound that reminds me of the music that really got me hooked in the first place. Driver Friendly is one of these bands.

Driver Friendly has graduated from the pop punk they used to play. They’ve kept the catchy hooks and contagious energy they’ve always had while adding perspective and a noticeable maturity. Driver Friendly’s newest album Bury a Dream portrays an experienced and grown up, but still fun-loving version of the band.

Driver Friendly - 'Messidona'

I knew I loved Driver Friendly the first time I heard “Messidona,” a song off of their latest album, Bury a Dream. The song really showcases the new heavier sound that now fits the band well. Every member sounds great, but the prominent horns and ear-catching songwriting stand out. You can’t help but notice lines like, “Learn to live without fear/ We’ll all live without fear
/ I’ll return like a phantom, swallow cities to feel alive/
Spit them out when I’m satisfied.”

The rest of the album only solidifies what’s apparent after that first listen: this band is awesome. Each song seems to pivot around lessons the members have learned in the last few years. However, there’s a vulnerability that hints at each line also being a reminder for them moving forward. The album is a great listen overall, and the last song “Lost Boys” really ties everything together for a beautiful, epic ending you shouldn’t miss.

You can see them next week in Houston, with a slew of other shows inevitably coming up soon. Also, make sure to preorder the new album Bury A Dream before it comes out on April 24 here.