Cream Dream Records Deliver Some Much Needed Komfort Food

by Jennifer Stark

Cream Dream Records Komfort Food

In the midst of a seemingly never ending pandemic, an utterly erratic election, and a nauseating carousel of surviving “once in a lifetime” events, Cream Dream Records realized the world could use a bit more tender love and comfort in their lives. Finding themselves suddenly gig-less, three thriving producers took a step back from perfecting their recipes independently, and together, cooked up exactly what we all definitely needed… a little Komfort Food.

Cultivated by a mouthwatering trifecta of beat-bakers: Austin-based Andrew Thaggard AKA: Boom Baptist, Toronto’s Sona Elango AKA: Elaquent, and Denton’s Jesse Coulter AKA: Juicy the Emissary, Komfort Food seeks to give any listener a wicked sweet tooth with its mouthwatering, sticky jams that would make any producer jelly. Showcasing slightly less than a baker’s dozen, its ten freshly baked beat-cakes are packed with a literal symphony of sick synthsations, intellectually selected samples, breathy undertones, flowetic, jazzy riffs, deep soul-punching drums and bass, spicy snares, flirtatious keys, hot-ass-beat-claps and sirens. This creme de la crop is both harmonious and heavy, providing the underground scene with an epic ode to the original.

As a true aficionado myself, four tracks in particular had me begging for seconds. First up, Elaquent’s “The Official” is more than just ok– with its deep snare snaps, hard-hitting hand claps, classic samples, sensual moans, and saxophone solos, this track had me turning my system up another notch. A close second for me personally, Boom Baptist’s “Toucan Wing” both complexly fulfills and wonderfully upsets the listener’s expectations. A bold combination of psychedelic funk and heavy, lo-fi hip hop, this selection is caked with amazing vocals, bold breaks, wavy fades, kinky keys, and wicked laser beams.

Next up, Elaquent’s “The Look” will make you forcefully reminisce about that one that got away, submerging the unsuspecting listener in a light and delicate, yet intrusive beat that will leave you saying “word.” Last but not yeast, Juicy’s “Far 2 Go/The Light” closes out the album with an up-beat, yet smooth and methodical, melodic breakdown that will remind you what true love is. All together, this heavenly delight will moist definitely make your deepest soul holes salivate.  

The limited edition chocolate-glazed first pressing, cotton candy second pressing, and maple iced final pressing sold out in an unprecedented 48 hours, along-side a plethora of thematically tethered merchandise: Komfort (™) coffee roast, sticker pack, donut seeds to grow delicious bangers at home, and a job application to apply to be a part of the Komfort (™) team, but donut worry, you can still cop the digital release, which hit the tasting cases January 29th, 2021, at Cream Dream Records’ store.

“Invest in your own Komfort (™), feed yourself for a lifetime, and GO NUTS! America runs on Komfort (™)!” – Cream Dream Records