Cartright Jass Song

Cartright a local four piece featuring Ben Russell (guitar and vocals), Joe Cornetti (keys), Lou Cornetti (bass), and Nick Cornetti (drums) are a psychadelic explosion of raw and tumbling folky rock. These guys have been playing in the Austin music scene and beyond since 2006 and through the years have undergone some member changes but what has remained are complex layers and raw emotional vocals. They’ve recently released a 7 inch, titled Jass Song, which includes two new tunes. When I gave this release an initial listen, I was turned off by the super raw vocals and the amalgam of noise. But a couple listens later the lead vocals and the explosions of sound grew on me. On this 7 inch, Cartright has jam packed the tracks with multiple movements in sound. At one point you’ll be listening to screaming vocals backed by fuzzed out guitar and bombastic drums and later on you’ll be mesmerized by delicate piano melodies. Check out the title track below and please turn up the volume; this music is definitely meant to be played loud.

Cartright are currently on a national tour supporting this release but they should be coming back to Austin soon. For now, you can take a listen to their 7 inch at their Bandcamp page or check out some of their older tracks at their Myspace page. We’ll keep you updated on any upcoming local show dates.