Carry Illinois’ New 7″ is Full of Intricate, Mesmerizing Layers

by Taylor Kamnetz

Carry Illinois

What is the beckoning call heard around the world by Carry Illinois; The one word that can describe this Austin-based band and their lead singer-guitarist-songwriter Lizzy Lehman? Layers —all of the layers. The same recognizable feats of singles past resonate within the band’s latest tracks, “Electric Charm” and “Sea Inside.”  Layers of funk are intertwined with folk, gives longtime and newbie fans something to smile over and celebrate about.

Produced in Austin, Texas, Carry Illinois has delicately arranged guitar chords to align and contrast with the enchantingly intimate vocals of Lehman on “Electric Charm”, a song declaring the ability of one human to take over every fiber of their prey’s being, and how to get out of the tight grip that charm can have upon a person. With a mellow and mesmerizing beginning,  Lehman leads into rich vocals with jazz and indie appeal, giving listeners a whole lot of something to cling to.

Then there’s “Sea Inside,” which starts stripped down, with rich guitar plucking and Lehman’s enchanting vocals. When the drums first drop, the implications of Lehman’s vocals and the intentions of guitar strums and bass-drum kicks is enough to empower any human, regardless of lyrical context. What once was a slow and steady, guitar heavy song turns into an anthem of acknowledgment, self-doubt, and what it means to be, or feel, young. The playful attitude within the musicality of both tracks is enough to get up, dance around the living room and strum the heck out of that air guitar you’ve been meaning to dust off.

Check out Carry Illinois’ brand new tracks at BandCamp, and get to groovin’.

Taylor Kamnetz is a freelance photographer and writer based out of Austin. Follow her on Twitter @taylorbkamnetz