Blue Healer’s Self-Titled Debut is Unapologetically Nostalgic and Youthful

by Taylor Kamnetz

Blue Healer

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…No, this isn’t a wedding, yet the concept still rings true. Blue Healer has handcrafted something like nothing and everything you’ve ever heard, taking sounds from the past and blending them with the eclectic sounds of their soul. Merging elements of Jack Johnson, War on Drugs, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blue Healer’s self-titled debut revitalizes sounds that are frequently absent in the world wide web of musicians.

Blue Healer starts the journey with “Only the Rain,” a folky take on a love/day/etc. gone awry. The track projects the vibe of Bon Iver, if Bon Iver were ever to dabble in the rock side of life. With lyrics depicting the existence of tears as “only the rain coming down,” you’re sent into a melodic world of personal nostalgia– the kind that brings you back to a certain place with a certain person; evoking the emotions never thought you were capable of feeling again. Say what you want, but every now and then, everyone needs nostalgia.

But who’s got time for nostalgia all the time? Not Blue Healer, that’s who. Blending funky upbeat rhythms with youthful sentiments, “Crystal Chandeliers” give’s your present self the forever-young feeling like something you long for after a painfully dragged out breakup. Overall, it’s a song of life, assuring you that, “maybe it would all work out just fine.” The realism present throughout the song is palpable. In the end, things always work out how they’re supposed to, and we have Blue Healer to thank for that.

There are many theories about the order of an album, and if it matters– to some artists it does and some it doesn’t. However, Blue Healer has nailed the album wrap-up with “If You Feel Like Dancing.” Regardless of what you’re going through or what music you’re into, this song perfectly sums up a lifetime from beginning to end; even if it’s a lifetime journey through music. The message that’s received is if you want it, get it. If there’s something you want to do, don’t hold back and just do it. More importantly, you can do whatever you want in the world—even dance—solo. You are the creator and instigator of your own happiness, and this album perfectly conveys the journey from the insecure days to the independent and self-reliant ones.

Blue Healer play this Wednesday, August 31st at 3TEN ACL Live. The event is free.

Taylor Kamnetz is a freelance photographer and writer based out of Austin. Follow her on Twitter @taylorbkamnetz