Austin House Festival for Unity, Community and Chaos


This weekend Ovrld kicks off AH-FUCC, the Austin House-Fest of Unity, Community and Chaos, bringing together six of Austin’s best DIY venues and more than three dozen artists. Partnering with digital distribution platform TuneCore and new rideshare venture Fare, Ovrld hopes that AH-FUCC will showcase not just some of Austin’s best emerging talent but also the vibrant DIY scene that exists in Austin and encourage others to create their own neighborhood scenes. Fare will also be donating a portion of all rides to our non-profit partner SAFE – Stop Abuse For Everyone using the code AHFUCC. Here are the posters and line-ups for each of the shows:

Day 1 at Ghost Cat Lounge – Ghost Cat Lounge Day 1

Of course we had to have our kick-off event at Ghost Cat Lounge, one of the most well-known DIY spots in the city, and to top it off they’re also celebrating their 3rd year anniversary! With an awesome line- up with Hikes, SXSW (yes this is a band name), a mesh-up from NGHT HCKLRS and Fort Never, Baseball Pants (they never ever play other sports like Basketball) and an after party with Karaoke Underground, this one is sure to be a banger. We heard there’s gonna be a keg, but you may wanna bring your own booze just in case it runs out early.

Day 2 at Audubon Society –Audubon Society Day 2

October 15th’s event is going to be at Audubon Society, a house that the band Dead Sally (playing later in the festival) resides at, so we know they’re gonna treat us all right. We tried really hard to build all the line-ups as diverse as possible, and this one is right on that track. With Austin Mic Exchange, Kay Odyssey, Coma In Algiers, 7LayerOscillator and Wide Will (who we hear just put in their Two Weeks), this show is sure to please those who have a grand range of musical taste.

Day 3 at Todd’s Mansion – 
Todd's Mansion Day 3

Our original venue for this date backed out, so we reallllly appreciate Todd’s Mansion for coming through with this show on Oct 16. With yet another diverse bill, we’ve got Clit Eastwood, Tyler Jordan and the Negative Space, Prom Threat, Jimmy Legs (the host’s band), The Rivr (Jonathan Horstmann from BLXPLTN), Lexi Cardenes (a violin performance), and Hermit Kingdom on this one.

Day 4 at Planet Heck –Planet Heck Day 4

Planet Heck has been around a while and has even hosted a large number of events for the Austin Blood Alliance, making it a perfect place for us to throw an AH-FUCC party. While everyone is allowed to BYOB to this party, please be extra respectful because the house is deciding to become sober space after this event. The bands on this docket are New China, Vampyre (Tour return show!), Sertified + Haris Q + Tank Washington, Leche and Dead Sally.

Day 5 at Rock Bottom – Rock Bottom Day 5

The largest event of AH-FUCC is on Oct 22 at a new house venue near campus called Rock Bottom. With two stages, one both inside and out, this party is gonna get fuckin’ lit. The eight bands on this bill are Pleasure Venom, BLXPLTN, Gossamer Frontier, Ex-Legionnaires, Hardcore Sex, Caleb De Casper, Jinx & The Hammer and Mom Jeans.

Day 6 at Mistress Mansion –Mistress Mansion Day 6

Last but not least is Mistress Mansion on Oct 23. We know a bunch of people have been forced to move up north, so we tried really hard to include a venue up where a large piece of the AH-FUCC audience may live. The five bands playing this night are Spirit Stuff + Secret Levels, Butt Cheeks, Tres Oui, Lola Tried and Belcurve. It’s sure be a good night.


All addresses are posted on their event pages, but here’s just a handy map to glance what side of town each house is located.

See y’all there!