Exclusive Track Premiere: Brandon Luedtke “Stay Gone”

Brandon Luedtke sounds both wiser and wizened beyond his years. The young singer-songwriter creates music that seems to come from some other time, not because of a hokey old timey gimmick but because it feels so lived in and weather worn. “Stay Gone” from his upcoming album Morning Light is a perfect example of this, with eerie slide guitar drawing out even more haunting potency from Luedtke’s sorrowful voice. There’s a sense that whatever forces Luedtke is demanding “Stay Gone” have pulled at him and kin for years, and the song is intended to serve not as a siren call but a warning bell for anyone who tries to get close to him. Check it out for yourself, then be sure to pick up Morning Light when it comes out this Friday, August 11th, and be sure to catch Luedtke live this Thursday, August 10th at Swan Dive and/or next Tuesday, August 15th at Cheer Up Charlie’s!