Exclusive Video Premiere: Major Grizz “Dearest Agatha”

Major Grizz went through an interesting process developing their new single “Dearest Agatha,” beginning it before the election and finishing it after, causing it to have the perspective of both points in time. According to the band, the results of the election caused them to shift their lyrical focus to fighting for the disenfranchised, and “Dearest Agatha” is the result of that, instrumentally sounding like Hot Water Music while the vocals take a more nuanced and less enraged approach. The video, which the band assembled from religious stock footage from around the world, highlights the ridiculousness of organized religion, in both the odd, dangerous way (like Pentecostal snake handlers) and the more humorous way (funny hats! dancing! costumes!). But it connects to the song’s major point, that we allow ourselves to be duped by questionable leaders, refusing to unite because we’re too busy fighting over our differences. Heavy stuff, but Major Grizz make it go down pretty easy. So check the video out and then come see the band tomorrow, June 7th, at Stubb’s